Xiomara Acevedo

Founder and CEO of Barranquilla+20, Colombia

Xiomara Acevedo is an Internationalist, Climate Policy Professional, and Gender Justice Activist from Colombia. She is the founder and director of Barranquilla+20, a women and youth-led NGO dedicated to environmental conservation and social entrepreneurship. Xiomara is a Steering Committee Member of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations, a postgraduate specialization in Climate Change, Cities, and Leadership from FLACSO Ecuador, and a master’s degree in Conservation Leadership from the University of Cambridge. Xiomara has been recognized for her outstanding contributions to youth empowerment and environmental advocacy, including the TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young People of Atlántico, Colombia) award by the Junior Chamber International and the National Youth Volunteer Award in Environment by the UN and the Government of Colombia.