Maurizio Filippo Acciarri


Maurizio Filippo Acciarri, is associate professor of Physics at UNIMIB. His research is mainly addressed to the study of photovoltaic cells and more generally to the physical aspects of energy efficiency and energy storage. In this area, he studied CO2 capture from industrial fumes and use. He is the coordinator of the GEM (Green Energy Management) Summer School and is president of the international network "SILKWAY - Energy, Connectivity, Environment, People" made up of universities, local and international stakeholders and other external partners from Europe and Central Asia.

He participates to the Network for the Sustainable Development of Universities energy working group as a contact for UNIMIB for the energy sector and he is the coordinator of the Energy Committee of the Milano-Bicocca University. Since 2019 he has been a member of the Institutional Research Committee of the National Energy Cluster as a representative of physicists (Physics for energy).