Mai Wahba Madkour

Tanta University, Egypt

Mai Wahba Mohamed Madkour is an Associate Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at Architectural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Tanta University, Egypt. Founder and Former Head of Environmental Architectural Engineering Program from 2016: 2019 in Tanta University, a member of Engineering Consulting and Research Centre in Tanta University, had participated and attended many scientific national and international workshops and conferences, had Ph.D. and MS.C and graduated from Mansoura University, Egypt. The Ph.D. was about "Innovation in Architectural Education between Theory and Application towards a Critique Vision and Methodology for Development". The M.Sc. was about "The Transformation of Architecture and Urban Design in Alexandria Al-Cournich Way Before and After Development". She had done many types of research about Environmental Sustainable buildings, Heritage Conservation, Environmental Building Materials, Nanomaterials.