Isabel M Fernández Fuentes

European Federation of Geologists, Belgium

Dr. Isabel M Fernández Fuentes is the Coordinator for the project CROWDTHERMAL since September 2019. She is an engineering geologist, with 30 years of professional experience, graduated from Granada University, 1987, Master Engineering Geology, 1990, and Ph.D. in Geology, 1997, from the University of Complutense in Madrid, Spain. Since 1988 she worked as a researcher in applied Geophysics in the Centre for Studies and Experimentation of the Ministry of Public Works, Madrid, Spain. From 2001 to 2019, she works for the European Federation of Geologists, EFG, covering expertise and professional input including geothermal energy, hydrogeology, mineral raw material, and environmental protection field. In 2008 she was appointed as Executive Director of EFG. Working with EFG, Isabel has coordinated and participated in different European projects and supports the coordination of EFG’s Expert Groups, among other activities.