Ioannis Michaloudis

American University Of Cyprus, Cyprus

Ioannis Michaloudis (Michalous) is a visual artist internationally acknowledged as one of the leaders in Art & NanoScience and the first-ever creator and investigator on the application of NASA’s nanomaterial silica aerogel in Fine Arts and Design. After receiving the Fulbright “Award for Greek Artists” in 2001, he had been invited as a Research Fellow by the Centre for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT to undertake research on Art&Science. There he discovered the beauty of the nanomaterial silica aerogel and brought it from the labs of NASA to the workshops of Visual Arts and Design. Ηe has participated in 3 Biennales of Art and has been awarded the “Golden Lighthouse” in the XXIV Biennale of Alexandria in Egypt. He has exhibited his artworks in 13 solo international exhibitions and has been invited to more than 25 Art&Science exhibitions and conferences worldwide.