Andre Tchernobilsky

Zeg Technologies & Environmental, Brazil

Andre Tchernobilsky is an entrepreneur in sustainability projects and CEO & founder of ZEG Technologies & Environmental and BioGuard Technologies. He has attended an MBA in Finance at the Jack Welch Business School in Luxembourg and Mechatronics Engineering. He started his professional life over 20 years ago in the automotive sector where he has always had a prominent role in the areas of innovation and projects, having as his last position the global management of projects, allocated in the European technological centre of Delphi Automotive – Thermal Division. When he returned to Brazil in 2010, he directed his career to the waste and renewable energy generation market, working on projects aimed at circular and low carbon economies, always seeking to promote social and environmental impact to society. After a sabbatical period studying technologies applied to the waste sector, he saw the opportunity to undertake recycling projects and “Waste to Energy”, founding ZEG Environmental and ZEG Technologies. He has helped to develop a waste energy recovery system that solves the problem of “landfills” in Brazil.