Akos Mesterhazy

Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary

Prof. Dr. Akos Mesterhazy is a research professor and full memkber of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. He is working in the Cereal Research non-profit Ltd. since 1972, Szeged, a research unit of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences Gödöllő, Hungary. His main research topic is the resistance of the cereals to the toxigenic fungi, with strong food safety aspects. The scientific results were published in 80 papers in international journals. In recent years the reorganization of the production chain is in the focus. The huge losses during production and storage should be significantly decreased and the production chain should be organized organized as a unit not to waste valuable grain. Even a total control is not possible, the reduction of total waste by 25% would make it possible to feed another 3-4 billion people.